Thank You!

Thank you, Guardians/Parents, Players, and NHHS Tennis supporters!

Saturday Newport Harbor Girls Tennis Frosh/Soph Grey Squad hosted their first official home match against Mater Dei. We had a great turnout of guardians/parents, friends, family, and teammates supporting players on both sides and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of tennis.

Our Sailors did us proud handling the excitement of this pivotal event, the newness of the experience, and live performance in front of our home crowd. Every court was filled with singles and doubles matches as we played more than 18 sets of dynamic tennis over two-plus hours.

The scorecard favored Mater Dei 17-1, a currently more skilled and experienced squad. Despite the enormity of the challenge, our Sailors showed bravery and courage, bringing their physical energy, enthusiasm, and best effort. We were gracious hosts, making the sporting event a good-natured, fun, and cooperative competition in the pursuit of excellence and Victory with Honor. We learned a lot from the match and are looking forward to practice this week. We will be applying what we learned, developing our strengths, improving our weaknesses, and hosting Jserra next Saturday, 9/18, at 2:30 pm. We hope you will attend!

Thank you to all who attended this week and supported our NHHS Tennis Community. I have attached our Victory with Honor Code of Conduct that details our values and expectations within our tennis community. Please read, support, and commit to practicing and upholding our values so that we can build and develop the great program we all want and deserve.

Code-of-Conduct-Parents (2)
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